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Rick Kimbrell

By now, our group would have already rented our hotel rooms. But, we are still debating on where we will stay. Our place the last bunch of years went up last year and there was nothing to show for the price increase ($20+ per night not counting the increase in tax). The rooms certainly were not updated to warrant such an high increase in price. I have done the south end stay and the north end stay before and will do neither again. Just too much out of the way. Seemed like all I did was drive (to the room, to the course, back to the room, to the convention center, back to the room..just way too much driving). Personally I prefer to stay more centrally but want to avoid the traffic on 501 as much as possible. Then you look at reviews for most of the decently priced places and geez…they suck. So, we are still in debate mode on where to stay this year.

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