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Bob Newman

Guys, let me tell you about a trick I do with one of my windshirts–I have taken one and sprayed it with a Rustolem product called ” Never Wet” (tried Scotchgueard but did not last very long) and use it as a rain jackey. Stays in bag, doesn’t take up much room, and is there when I need it. I mainly use it in cooler weather. I only use a short sleeve rainjacket and this keeps arms from getting wet, tight fitting and does not interfere with swing. Have never actually used it in a downpour as I am seeking shelter then but it does work. I usally treat it again after 2 uses. The Never Wet is sold in Home Depot stores and is the one step product made for fabrics. I have used the 2 step product on shoes and boots. at first I was afraid of messing the shirt up but then I figured, I’ll get another one next year. LOL

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