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Terry Cornelius

Ten (or more) year vet and I am looking for some recommendations on where to stay this year. Minimum requirements for a 3 bedroom condo are:
1. Oceanfront.
2. Oceanfront bar (& grill a plus).
3. kid friendly with at least 1 water slide.
4. hot tubs and pools (lazy river a plus)

So far, the only place I have stayed at that meets all these requirements is the Caribbean Resort. Wasn’t a bad experience….just okay. Any place with those four plus either a sauna or steam room (or both) would be a plus.

Other places I have stayed in the past are Grande Shores, Prince Resort and Long Bay. All nice in their own way. All have the 3 bedroom condos available, but none had all 4 of the requirements…unless water slides have been added.

Would appreciate a little help identifying candidates for me to check out.

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