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Rick Kimbrell

Mark, the Monday round tends to be a bit slower because everyone is “in the hunt” the first day. This will be my 30th consecutive year playing. I have seen rounds that were over 6 hours but not so much in recent years. First day, I would say to expect 5-1/2 hours. After that, 4-1/2 to 5 is about the norm. If other players in the group help watch a person’s ball, tell them if they think they need to hit a provisional, etc….the round can be sped up. The pros at the golf courses have stated that continuous putting is desired, if you can do so without impacting someone else putt. Most of the greens in MB these days are some strain of bermuda. They are much more firm than the bentgrass greens and walking in someone’s line is not a big deal as long as the greens are not soaked from rain. As always, keep reminding the group you are in that you need to keep up with the group ahead of you and not worry about the group behind you.
Have fun, enjoy it. It is tournament golf and not a casual round where you have gimmees…so yes it does take a little longer.
BTW…many of the pros will tell you before you go out…they expect pace of play to be 4 hours. That is typically a joke simply because you have more than one group teeing off on many holes. Every course generally has 2 flights playing on it and each flight consists of 48 players (on average).

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