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Bob Newman

jim, you are most fortunate as we have personally discussed. I play in a lower index(honestly can not remember what I was last year) and I have 2 rounds in just under 5 hrs and 2 right at 6 hrs long. A lot of it depends on what part of the course you start on. I do think that the local pros do not do enough monitoring Pace of Play (have not seen them on course in years). The second year I played in this event, my group was told we had 3 holes to get back into position or we would be penalized as a group. Guess what happened, we got back into position. I have no problem with 5 hr rounds, which is probably what they should be in this format, but tend to loose my patience when they go over that. I do honestly believe that the WAS staff request the local club monitor pace of play as well as a lot of other things, and the club are just too lazy to do that (have grown use to the income). This year I am coming with a different attitude–I will accept it will be 6 hours playing time on the course, will accept it will not be properly marfked, will accept the local rules will not be correct, will take my time and finish whenever.

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