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Joe Busch


For all the heartache they cause? If it weren’t for the folks at the World Am, I wouldn’t waste my entire year counting the days until the 9:00am start on August 26th, where upon I will proceed to embarrass myself on golf courses I have never seen before; and to top it off, I am force to eat all the wonderful food and drinks every night at the convention center. Not to mention the gathering together of other great golfers to tell the tales of my wonderful rounds of golf, only to be caught in a lie when they produce the score sheets for each flight and my name is always at the bottom. And before you know it, it is Friday, and you are heading out to play in some crazy consolation round and spend half the time trying to calculate how many days till the next year’s World Am…..

Yeah, I will have to think awfully hard about appreciating Scott’s Tremendously Talented Team. They may start to get grandiose ideas of starting a smaller event in March to make me travel all the way back to Myrtle again… Oh wait they already did that, those dirty rotten Bast****!!

Joe B.

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