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Rick Kimbrell

Yep, I definitely appreciate what all the folks with the World Am do. I missed the first couple of years. Did not know about it and when I finally did come, I played so bad I swore I would never come again. Well, I did…the very next year and have not missed a year since. I have seen this thing grow and grow and grow. Because of this event, the Convention Center had to be enlarged. I have met many of the folks who currently work the World Am and quite a few who are no longer around (or at least I never see them).
The staff and volunteers do a great job. As much as I love golf, I would want their jobs. I do not have the patience to put up with much of the BS I hear from people who have no clue what it takes to organize and run a golf event, let alone an event that is 40 times larger than any golf event I have put on myself.
Thank you World Am staff for making what will be my 30 years this year memorable.

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