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Dale Craig

I think people need to relax and wait for the WA to get closer and flights to get finalized before they get their knickers in a bundle. Personally after 45 years of club membership and running every variety of tournament, skin game and club operations, I have always been happy when someone wants to step up and run anything. I wasn’t aware that anyone other than WA staff had any type of ownership, and anyone who wants to be responsible for managing the side skins has my heartfelt gratitude. So getting upset about a possible competition on managing the skins seems kind of silly to me. If someone steps up to volunteer my flight…Thank You! If it gets a week or so out and I don’t see anyone volunteering, then I’d toss my hat in the ring, but I’m certainly not offended if someone else takes responsibility. Just my 2c.

BTW – I can’t wait. 🙂

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