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Bob Newman

Dale, sorry for your experience last year. I have played since 2005 and I honestly feel that he majority of people do play honestly but I know that weird things do go on in the WA and also at home. last week I am certain that a fellow competitor found a ball he dropped to be found, but I was not certain. I made a comment that he took the wrong way which further convinced me of what he did so now I guess he will not be playing on the days I sign up as I sign up the night b4. the handicap system will continue to be abused by the ones that want to but we need to bring it to the WA attention so that they can follow up. Last year someone posted onhe re about a incorrect score after he got home and say the posted scores and it was too late for the WA to challenge it. It is up to us as players to keep everyone honest. JMO

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