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This year its a bit tricky Ricky as there is going to be a Gross Senor division. I dont know how many people will sign up but here is the predicament.

1> Will the firstt two flights of the seniors be (Gross) + (Lowest Hcp)
If there is only 20 in the Gross do they then have the next two flights of 40 with 3 flights on the same course

2> If there is only 20 Senior Gross players, do they then combine them with 20 Gross Under 50’s
Once again making 40 players so do they put a third flight on the course to make up numbers

3> If 20 players move to the Senior Gross then would the low Hcp in the Senior range from 6-9 with the next flight being 10-14 ?????

4> I still havent decided which way I will flip. I want to play with you guys but then agaiin the Low gross is very enticing

We really wont know until the numbers are crunched on Aug 15

BTW I got a demon mail when I tried to email you. give me a call if you need any thing

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