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David Baker

Bob, if you are in my flight, which I doubt, if you aren’t interested in playing why would anyone want you to? I don’t believe in all the years I have run a skin game, all the way back to 97, I have yet to have any issue with the Pro giving instructions or interfered in any way. Not sure who has been running the skin game in your flight. I only want golfers who want to play, so definitely wouldn’t ask once you said you were interested. Do you have golfers in your flight get confused, or not sure, they are playing in a golf tournament? Very interesting comment. My point was, it seems that people are staking a claim to run the skin game in some flight before they have any certainty of what flight they are in. To Dales comment it is definitely good thing when people agree to run a game. Last year there were some flights that didn’t have someone step up. I am sure it will all work and every one will have a good time.

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