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Rick Kimbrell

Strange that the skins guy seeks people out. I have never had time to do that. Once I agree to do it, if people want in…they come looking for me. The pro(s) is generally nice enough, at least has been my experience, to make an announcement of who I am and where I can be found. I do not have time to go chase people down. I also collect for all days up front if people are willing to pay that way. If not, they are marked as single day and they have to find me every day they want in. Running skins is not rocket science but it is a lot of work. And, as stated, the only way I will do it is if I have some help. I tell everyone up front…I do not take a cut. I pay out everything I take in even to the point where I have ended up mailing a guy his check from the last day after the tournament was over. I do not ask for tips. If I get one…great. If a winner buys me a drink…great. If not…so be it. And , if I am not running it and I win a big skin, I will give the guy running it a tip. If it is something small, I will definitely buy him a drink.

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