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david tiano

Golf is not as popular to the younger generation as a whole. Golf peaked in the 90’s with Tiger Woods doing what he did but that is 20 or so years ago. Those golfers are seniors now.

When I stared to play in this in 2006 there were between 3300-3600 golfers now 11 years later yes there is a decline but that is the same decline as golf as an industry.

The price has been the same as it was last year with 3200 golfers so it’s not the price, and the group committee that is currently running the event has been heads and shoulders above the last group that ran it. I always take the time to ask questions about reductions and disqualifications. What has been shared to me has been professional and understandable. What more can we ask for.

We all can easily sit here and type what we think this problem or that problem is but our sport is not attractive to the younger generations.
Last year the 49 & under group had 9 flights and one was the gross at 50 golfer per field that’s 450 of 3200 or 14%. In 2006 it was much higher a percentage.
You want 3000+ golfers do what I do and tell everyone what a great time we have every year and the great life long friends we have teed it up with.
Let’s be positive.
18 days for me.

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