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Jay Seifert

What participant REALLY cares if 3,000 is reached or not? The current count as of today is 2,899 and that is plenty.

The ORIGINAL objective of this event (when it was started some 30 years ago) was to bring tourist traffic into Myrtle on one of THE slowest weeks of the year (schools start back in session in mid-August and tourist typically stayed away until the busy labor day weekend that always immediately follows this event). That objective remains the case today so being “over 3,000” isn’t any type of magical number. The event is doing what it was chartered to do… bring in traffic and IMHO they do an EXCELLENT job of running a VERY complex tournament. The largest Amateur golfing event IN THE WORLD no less!

Anyone can speculate cause and effect but there is really no need as the number of players is more than sufficient to sustain this event. Plan to come and enjoy the golf, the camaraderie, make new friends and re-new relationships with the old ones from far away.

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