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Rick Kimbrell

My answer to why the 15th handicap instead of the 1st…you should be playing to your most recent handicap. You handicap is based upon your 20 most recent scores. Do you know how easy it is to roll off almost all (if not actually every one) of those 20 scores that appeared on the August 1st handicap? Very easy if you are playing almost every day and many people are. So, yep, it could make a big difference.
Case in point, from July 1st to July 15th, my handicap index dropped 1.4 points.
Mike, if you have been playing for 17 years, do you really only book your practice rounds on the courses you draw in the tournament? We have begun booking our practice round courses with no real thought about what courses we may draw for the tournament. Our goal for coming to MB for the WA is to play as much golf as we can in the 10 days we will be there.

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