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Tom McGeehan

Ron, you are correct, I believe when you use the lowest handicap index of the past twelve months, many things occur during that period of time that can negatively impact where you stand at tournament time. That being said, I have played in this tournament for 29 years. One thing for sure, many people practice and play a lot leading up to this tournament and too many folks shoot much better than their current handicap. If there current handicap is higher than their lowest in the past twelve months, they will say, “well I have really been practicing, and it is just now paying off. That is eliminated by this approach. However, those who have suffered injuries, are further handicapped by this rule. It is all about timing, if one has not fully recovered, then they will hopefully enjoy the golf, people, and the total experience of playing in the World Am. We all want to win, I will be 73 on 11/1/17. As I age, the course gets longer and the memory gets shorter. What I still remember after 29 years of this event, is it is more about the experiences than about winning.
Good luck to you, and by the way, my lowest index in the past 12 months is 4.1. How do you think I will do this year?

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