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Scott Porter

I can understand and relate to Harry’s and several others comments on having and keeping a accurate handicap. All of us whether we want to admit it or not come to the WA hoping to win so we want our handicap as close as possible to our actual playing ability, at least at that time. I play in a lot of local handicapped events so like Harry I am vigilant about monitoring it, but not to the point of not posting great rounds to keep my handicap high. Calculating handicaps has a lot of moving parts and variables to the exercise but true golfers apply their individual integrity to insuring that their represented handicap is as accurate as they can make it. The WA TC has a arduous task of trying to insure that all of the courses comply with their recommendations and event mandates but insuring that 60 courses are set up correctly everyday is a impossible task without an army of people. The one suggestion I could see that may help with establishing a correct and competitive handicap would be using each persons present index as of 8/15 and average with the 12 month low index for the tournament index. It still gives opportunities for sandbaggers but the WA deals with those people already. Isn’t it amazing how much people have to say when you start talking about handicaps.

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