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Bob Newman

Scott, I firmly believe that you stay on the courses to set up us up the correct yardages for our flights and indexes but the last several years we will get 2 the correct yardages and 2 that are around 5600/5700 yards. They end up putting us on the tees that they want us to play to get around as quick as possible, just like leaving the DZ’s on incorrect side of hazards. this is just my opinion- I have stated on the BB several times, that I think the local pros do not help the WA committee like they should. It is just a money maker for them. These shorter course can mess up the indexs if we post according to the yardages we play. Although nothing could have made me get close to mine as my play has not been stellar. LOL. I do try to keep them straight on the DZ’s but they could honestly care less what I complain about. Simply tell me it is not a USGA event (The World Tour last year). I am actually looking forward to this year and I truly hope I get 4 courses as the yardages we should be playing. If any one get the World Tour this year, let me know and I will give you a tip on how to play the Par 5, with island green. I can guarantee you will be on the fringe laying 3 (if they use the DZ)

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