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Jay Seifert

#1) TIME – I think it has gotten worse over the last few years due to the more compressed time frames. In the past, we knew which flight we were in almost a month beforehand. That gave us time to establish who was willing to run a game for a particular flight. Now that we don’t know the flights until about a week prior, people tend to scramble when they are uncertain.

#2) GREED – Some (very few actually) try to profit from running those skin games which is, naturally, the exact opposite of what should be happening. I ran a “clean”, nothing taken off the top skins game 3 or 4 years in a row when I was in the “under 49” groups. The PROPER way to run a game is to have a big board where the scores go up as they come in so that everyone can see who is cutting who’s skins. Doing that also provides a count of the total $’s in the pot so that nobody can “skim” 10% off the top. Some guys, like me, will generally tip the guy running the game 10% of any winnings as a thank you but no coordinator should EXPECT tips. The guy running your game should be doing it for altruistic purposes.

My recommendation for those trying to “volunteer early” should simply wait until AFTER we have the flights and that way they can then jockey for who is willing to run which flight. Oddly enough, some flights won’t be able to find a guy to run anything. That & stopping people from profiting off the game were the two reasons I ran the skins when I did it.

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