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Dale Craig

Jay Seifert your points are making me think twice about entering the skins game this year. I guess I am just too trusting, but I can also see where the temptation of making some serious coin can be a problem. I watched last year as the skins were being calculated and tallied and it seemed like some guys would watch the sheet and then turn in their card a little bit later. That is the problem with the way this tournament is run. An eraser can all of a sudden make someone some nice cash. I wish that there were a board for posting scores first and then the cards could be calculated for skins. I just don’t like how I can sign/attest someones card and then it can disappear until it is turned in. In New York NYSGA tournaments, the contestants are told that all 4 cards are to be turned in together and not one at a time. This helps both the pro in keeping track and forces honesty on the part of the players as the cards are attested and no one can make a change. I mentioned this earlier in another post on this board though.

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