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Jay Seifert

Ah, if someone was simply summarizing which player was running which game then that makes sense and nothing nefarious in that at all. I will also say that 98% of the guys running these games have the right approach (accept tips with no “juice” for the operator). It’s also easy enough to eliminate those trying to take a cut off the top by simply asking them for transparency. If they aren’t willing to run it without making a profit up front, others can always offer to run a “clean” game rather than funneling the $’s through the “for profit” guys.

There is also a way to control the guys turning in their card & that is to REQUIRE them to bring in whoever attested to their score to also confirm the skins. It’s the least any playing partner can do, simply confirm to the skins guy what the guy they just played with scored. They don’t even have to stay around for beers or anything. They just visit the skins table before they turn in their score cards to the pro. Granted, sometimes the skins guy can be one of the last to arrive but that’s a bit unusual IMHO.

Less than 2 weeks for me (practice rounds starting on the 24th! Woo Hoo!

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