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david tiano

I feel I must weigh in also.
Ken Delaney and I have been running the skins in our flight for the last couple of years (49 & under 9-10 handicap) I am usually the loud one calling out to join the skins. We get a high participation usually 85 to 90% of the players in our flights. We stepped up because in years past its always last minute and not planed out by anyone.

Here is what we do and you can see by another thread by Ken Delaney our payouts.

1. We take ZERO off the top. I announce how may players have paid each day.
2. We only verify with the OFFICIAL card before it is turned in. I know some will say the Pro wants it but it only takes a second to see us.
3. I try to not show what holes have active birdies or open holes.
4. I announce the next day how many paid out and what holes they were won on.
5. I also have a roster with both flights and everyone’s name printed.
6. Ken and I balance all monies collected and paid out each day.
7. We hope for tips but understand if it is against your religion to not tip. A pitcher of beer works also.
8. We get there early and leave last each day. Hardly any practice.

Last year we had a player in our flight who was DQed for changing his scorecard before he turned it into the Pro. I met with Jeff Monday and he confirmed the DQ and we didn’t allow him in the skins after that violation. He didn’t win a skin but I want you all to know the skins guy should protect the pot also.

We have enough to worry about on the course. Trust your skins guy to run a fair game and ask him questions if you don’t understand anything.

Good luck all.

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