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Ryan Stratulate

Well I am not sure of the exact yardage but its a 67.5/112 at its current form. You know when you can slice your tee shot 2 fairways to the right and still come back with a simple birdie putt (even eagle chance) the course plays pretty simple. Back when they rated the course they had a nearly impossible par 3 . It was 230 to the elevated green, over 200 to carry water and OVER bushes surrounding the green, so no running up to it. I just like to whine about it, but honestly I wouldn’t trade it for a better one. I love hopping on my golfboard for a quick 9 holes in one hour or less, and the price cannot be beat (Membership went up this year $400 no resrtictions)

So basically what I am saying is, I won’t get any “goat tracks” for my course in compared to my home course.

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