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Glenn Foster

Guys, Glenn Foster here. I’m a 20+ yr. participant and I also believe there is wiggle room in this system. As we all know, if you’ve played here a lot, you get multiple course over the years multiple times. I can think of 10 courses I played in the first 15 yrs. every year or 2. I don’t know if it was a combo of age bracket & handicap… but I did. I am also blessed/cursed with remembering these courses set-ups when I see the tee boxes again. I can say this helps tremendously when being correct in where to miss! Committee has those course assignments somewhere. ( Hell I have my old scoresheets from 1995- 2017 except a few days.)
Courses do change some, but its’ like playing a home course when you get Rivers Edge 5 times & Wicked Stick 6 times, Burning Ridge 5 times…! Just a thought.

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