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Jay Seifert

I agree with John C and would point out that it’s really the WEATHER more than it would be either of those two individual courses. Having a place in Myrtle for the past 20 years I have had the opportunity to play many if not all of the course on the WAs courses and can say for a FACT that both Byrd and Wells are “tough MFers to play in HEAVY rains” as neither of those tend to drain well in heavy, heavy rains.

Unfortunately, heavy rains can be part of the equation for the time of the year this event is held so that aspect is not isolated solely those courses. The WA team has removed the worst (IHMO) courses from the draw. I remember (trying) to play East’s Nest in near Hurricane conditions. It simply was not possible. Water pooled on EVERY green and the course pro was REFUSING to sound the horn. They literally told us to “move the ball around in an equal distance until we found a somewhat dry path to the hole”. Luckily they did eventually cancel the round but it wasn’t until about 50% of the players refused to play.

To return to the original subject matter of this thread…
I noticed that we had gotten over 3K players (3007 was the highest I saw) and are now back down to 3004 & the WA usually only adjusts downward once we are getting closer to the FINAL counts and course distribution so I have my fingers crossed that we may see them as early as this evening!

C’Mon WA course dice, papa needs a new pair of shoes…ah, er… of excellent MB courses like Tidewater, Pawleys, Grand Dunes & Glenn Dornach LOL

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  • This reply was modified 6 years, 11 months ago by Jay Seifert.

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