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At $26.33 a dozen when you buy 6 dozen at a time, the SNELL MY TOUR BALL is a great ball. I usually play Titleist Pro V1X or Pro V1’s when I could get them for $30/dozen on EBAY with free shipping. Since those deals are getting harder to find, I will be switching to the SNELL. Bought a couple dozen last year at the WA and first round back home I shoot a 74 in a club championship. Came in 2nd net. I have nothing bad to say about the SNELL balls. It would just be an ego thing to buy balls at $45 to $48/dozen that really don’t do anything that much better than the SNELL. Buy a dozen and see for yourself. It’s a great ball.
For another option, a friend of mine did his own test on several golf balls including top brand golf balls. In his conclusion he found that the BOMB ball was the longest ball he tested. I golfed with another guy that said he and his brother tested all the golf balls they could and he came to the same conclusion. He plays the BOMB ball. He use to be a +2 handicap in his younger days. He’s in his mid 60’s now and plays to around a 4 handicap.
In both these guys tests they said the BOMB ball had the least amount of spin off the driver and went the longest.
My friend Adam is starting a new new line of golf clubs. They are called “Game Changer”. He’s an inventor. He started messing around with clubs and came across an idea to change the face of irons. These have no grooves. I took the 7 iron out to the course one evening and dropped a ball at the 200 yard marker. It plays up hill so it plays more like 210. I hit it pin high. I usually hit 7 iron 160 to 170. My friend tried it on the next par 4. We dropped a ball and he hit it. He pulls out his laser and shoots the flag at 234! He’s pin high right of the flag, but, on the green. I let him hit it on the next par 5. He’s 230 down hill. He hits it over the back of the green. After each shot he looked at me in disbelief. And I did, too. Crazy long and straight since they don’t spin very much. They just drop straight out of the sky and are usually close to where they hit.
I think my friend hit a home run in the innovation of the game of golf. They have improved drivers, woods and hybrids over the years. The golf balls, too. But no one his really made that big a difference in irons, without changing the loft of a 9 iron to an 8 iron loft. By the way, he sent these into the USGA and they approved them for play. This will be interesting to see if he can get this company off the ground.

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