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Alex Grebel

For the record – Dave and I ran the skins game in these two flights (5th and 6th Senior) the last few years, except for last year. We also have always run an up front game and have always welcomed anyone to see how many players are in and how much is paid out. We love running the game, we enjoy meeting the people and we do a great job at it. Dave has run a golf league here in NJ with over 100 members for over 20 years and I’m his spreadsheet guy, so we know how to run a game.

Having said that, I have been surprised by JT coming in after not playing in the WA for a few years and acting like he gets to run it just because he posted in here first. It’s put us in a weird position where we are made to sound like we are fighting to do skins – but it’s not like that. I just always felt that whoever has last been running it gets to do it. And to that end, we aren’t even sure who ran the game last year – but as far as I’m concerned, that guy should have the right to run it first, and then I felt Dave and I would be next in line if that guy wasn’t doing it this year.

In the end and either way, I’ll be there to have fun. See you all next week.

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