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Rick Kimbrell

Some interesting facts about this thread…(and I am glad I am not in it but since I have been coming for 30 consecutive years and have run skins in different flights I do feel qualified to comment…like it or not).
jt first posted on 8/19 at 7:07am and said he would run the skins and added a qualifier “if y’all want me to”.
Well between 7:07am on 8/19 and 8:11pm (13 hours and 4 minutes later) it was no longer “if y’all want me to” it had turned into he is doing it.
Alex makes a comment and then jt goes sorta off the deep end at him. Where I come from (deep dark woods of rural Alabama), that would be called going redneck on him.
Now, my friend Dale is in one of these flights. I am sure I will get the low down on how this all plays out.
All I ever care about is that SOMEONE run the skins game in the flights playing on my courses. I dang sure am not going to get into a verbal argument and telling people they are “running their mouth” over who runs the skins game as long as someone does and that person is at least personable. I have had a couple people run skins in my flights before who were the most obnoxious a-holes I have met in a long time. Kinda hard to tip an a-hole even if you do win a skin.
I will never come onto this board and lay claim to any skins game in any flight. But, I go to the effort to prepare the paperwork in case no one else does.
Flight 13-14…good luck. And, hopefully some here will take a chill pill.
Yes, I know I could have not said anything but if you know me, you know that is not me…and I don’t really care. I have gotten to that age now.
Alex, look forward to seeing you again this year.

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