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Thanks for taking over Jason! Me and George Wonica ran it the last several years. He came every other year so I was glad to see him run it while he was here. This is his off year. My eyes are getting to the point where I can’t read things very well. If I have my contacts in, forget it! I have to take my glasses off to read things now. 50 is less than 2 years away! Sucks getting old, but, it’s time this old dog goes and sits on the porch. I’m always willing to give a hand if need be. I’ll bring you some score sheets I made up over the years if it helps. I’m not sure how the rest of the guys did it, but, I brought 4 sheets of players names and put the amount they paid on Monday by their name. 100 or 20 accordingly. I did my accounting at night so Tuesdays sheet reads 80 in each players account that paid $100. It might sound OCD but I kept accurate books. One thing I made sure of too was the player watched me write his dollar amount next to his name. Its easy to get talking to someone and somebody drop their money on the table and walk away assuming you knew it was his. So it’s up to each player to make sure he is accounted for. It’s also up to each player to turn in his birdie or eagle. I’ve had new players that thought we worked for the World Am and that their cards they turned into the pro would take care of the skins.

For the rest of the players in 3 and 4, don’t assume the your birdie was an easy hole and it was already cancelled. I had to pay out a guy one year that didn’t deserve it. And it would have carried the pot over to the final day. And I’m sure it doesn’t make you feel any better when you find out you split the pot on Thursday and could have had $750 more had you turned in your card the day before. The other guy was probably mad too knowing his take would have been more.

Jason is going to run it his way, offical cards is a great way to go. He runs a good game, but, it’s up to each player in the game to do their part and turn in your birdies and eagles. Jason isn’t going to babysit 70 – 80 guys in the game. Thanks for taking it over this year again, Jason. And in the voice of Dan Westenbarger, “Let’s send someone home a winner!”

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