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Mike Boston

Travis sounds good. Here is my cell so we can go to the same area in the am. Just remember if you do want to do this range time is shorter very short in some cases. Practice is at a very minimum because you have to get people signed up. That’s why I like to take all the money on Monday if possible. If not it’s not a huge issue but honestly it’s easier for us and it keeps everyone involved. That way day two three and 4 we can hit some balls and putt some. Also remember we are there for at least an hour or so afterwords. It just depends on the finish and how many cards are entered. I like to tell people right up front take a course card and record only birdies or better thatvway I can see it easier when it is all done. You would say pars or better obviously. I will help you with everything if you need it you might already know everything and not even need my help or I might be steeling your ideas. Either way we will have a blast.
Just so everybody in our flight knows and can find me if they feel uncomfortable paying all 4 days upfront my cell is
904-524-1076. I have heard, but never witnessed the skins guy running off with money I hope that never happens, but if I do it, here is my number you can track me down.

Call Us at 1-800-833-8798

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