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Rick Kimbrell

Welcome to the WA Mark. Something to know about any of the courses you may draw (maybe with the exception of Legends courses), most of them do not have extremely wide driving ranges and with 90+ people it gets crowded quick and you can end up having to wait to get to warm up. I tend to leave very early for my courses so I do not feel rushed. Thankfully our start times are 9:00am now instead of earlier like they were 30 years ago when I first started playing. The 9:00am also helps avoid some of the school bus traffic.
If you are staying centrally, the drive (both ways) to the up north courses is usually not bad if you can take 31.
Courses out towards the west on 501 are usually not bad to get to in the mornings but in the afternoon coming back traffic tends to be pretty bad.
I find traffic headed to the down south courses to be the worst and does not matter whether you are headed there or coming back. Just allow yourself ample time.
For anyone, I would recommend a good traffic GPS app on your smartphone, if you do not already have one. I use WAZE and find it very helpful letting me know where traffic jams are. Also in giving me the fastest route to the course I am headed to. And, I find it generally better than the GPS apps that most vehicles have these days.
Good luck, have fun, and hope I run into you at the Convention Center.

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