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Mike Boston

First off thank you everyone that have sent texts and replied here. I’m not sure I’ve been apart of such a weird flight pairing. So I appreciate all the ideas. So what I’ve come up with is a straight up game. 20,20,20,40. But here is the twist. Since there most likely won’t be a ton of birdies I would hate to see a 22 handicap get cut by a 13. So to make it more palatable I’m going to take a suggestion that someone gave me and make it 3 birdies to cut. So if a 20 and a 13 have birdies on a hole and no one else does then the payout for that hole is split. Example. 3 holes paid out 600 in pot that would be 200.00 per hole. On one of the holes 2 people birdied so they split the 200.00 but on a 4th hole 3 birdies were made so that hole is cut. I will try to type something up so everyone has rules. I just truly believe it wouldn’t be worth getting in if we split the flights and no it’s not fair to pay pars and birds out of same pot and frankly that would be a 4 hour post round count up for me. I hope everyone sees this as the fairest game I could come up with. For anyone that thinks I’m out of my mind, sorry and I hope you will still play for your big payout. I can only ask that you all go around point me out and get as many people in the game as we can, so we all have a chance of making our entry fee back. Good luck and see you all Monday at World Tour.

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