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Rick Kimbrell

I did not go often to the Welcome Party at Broadway at the Beach but I really did not see any significant change either way by it being moved to House of Blues. At Broadway at the Beach there was a throng of people outside, same thing at House of Blues. At House of Blues, you could get a beer or a shot right as you walked in from the parking lot (parking was much more convenient at House of Blues). Do not remember getting a drink being that convenient at Broadway at the Beach. As far as food specials is concerned, this is what I found when I followed the link ( World-Am Kickoff party ) in the email I got
“We are excited to host a 5th Annual Sunday Kickoff Party! Participants and guests will ascend on House of Blues Myrtle Beach for live entertainment, drink specials and dancing!”
Mentions drink specials (probably the shots they had outside) but don’t see anything about food specials mentioned.
And, I don’t remember adult beverages being any cheaper at Broadway at the Beach.
Just trying to be objective about the change of venue.

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