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Tom Doughan

I know I will NEVER see in the World Am the 3 – 3 1/2 hour rounds I am currently accustomed to. That being said, having played in Flight 12 myself this year, I concur with Jeff that our pace of play was nearly excellent this year–at least by World Am standards. In fact, this was the best I’ve seen in my 24 years of playing in this event. I remember all too vividly ENTIRE TOURNEYS where the fastest round was a shade over 6 hours! Here are the numbers for the groups I played in per my golf app which tracks (among many stats) pace of play:

Round 1 – 4 hrs 25 min;
Round 2 – 5 hrs 8 min;
Round 3 – 4 hrs 51 min;
Round 4 – 5 hrs 24 min.

These numbers would have been even better except for my absolutely abysmal play this year (worst in my 24 year history) so for anyone behind us I may have held up I apologize.

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