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Rick Kimbrell

Dale, I would agree. It can be a pain in the butt and I am never going to say that I am running skins before Monday of the tournament. If no one has volunteered, then I will gladly do it. Dang sure does not give us much time to warm up, does it? 🙂
Some of the guys make it a pain in the butt for those of us running it but honestly I don’t think they intend to. Just their nature. And, I am ok with them. Again, give me a chance to meet a lot of folks every year.
The crap this other character pulled running skins…simply unbelievable. I have friends who played in skins that covered a total of 20 different flights this year. Out of those 20 flights, only 2 flights/1 skins guy did crap that would have seriously upset me had I been in that game.

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