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Bob Newman

Not wanting to upset anyone but I have it from a very good source–that this man has been a big problem for the area, and has been charged with trespassing before and police have been called on numerous occasions. The officer was just doing her JOB. I told my source that I would look the guy up and take him in to buy a meal and was told that I could be charged with trespassing by bring him on the property. I am pretty sure this is the McD on hwy 17 near 38th street. That being said, this just validates my opinion of McD’s that they are only fit to use the bathroom in. I have long ago stopped buying anything from them because the mangers stand and stare into a screen and shot orders to everyone and they still get the orders wrong. JMO. I am thinking of dressing down looking very much like this guy and go in to see if they will serve me. MB does have an ordinance in place to prohibit the homeless from becoming a nuisance at local places, to keep tourism growing. It could also be that the guy filming is looking to do something >????

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