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Aaron Ellis


Out of all those courses you mentioned that were added, I have played at the majority of them. Will give a snapshot of what I know and a rating 1) Top 2) Mid 3) Bottom if I was guessing for what you may get!

Arcadian Shores – never played but know they have done quite a bit of renovation lately, so I’d assume the best (2)

Brick Landing – Hadnt played there in probably over a year, but its a fun layout, some short holes and some that stretch out, beautiful starting and finishing holes! I wouldn’t call it your best course ud get, but ive played worse! (3)

Crow Creek – Played there just a week ago roughly, new greens, not as fast as said in clubhouse that day, but smooth, also rock hard since they just opened back in Oct! Course overall was in superb shape! (2)

Diamondback – Hadnt played it in a while, heard they have done some work to cut some trees down and course was in better shape as long as you don’t catch it after a heavy rain, heard it still gets muddy after a good bit of rain! Only downfall to this course is the drive, but if you stay in the middle of the area its no worse than driving to the far north or far south! (2-3)

Indigo Creek – Another course I hadn’t played in a while, but was just an average course, been there quite a while, not great, but wasn’t trash! (2-3)

Lockwood Folly – Never played but heard its nice! (2)

Lions Paw – Another course ive never played but should be decent since its a Cats course! (2)

Sea Trail Byrd – Played there 2-3 Times, had it in the World Am, had punched the greens just a few weeks prior to the tournament, bumpy as all could get out, bunkers were half raked, looked like management didn’t give a crap, wasn’t happy, could care less to play again, but heard they have new management, so maybe it has improved, greens would of been fine if they hadn’t been punched! (2-3)

Tigers Eye – Played here multiple times, only gripe was they have bent grass on the greens or least did and greens had some really bad patches in them, some greens great, some not so great! But beautiful course! (2)

Wachesaw East – Played here my first World Am I believe, glad it got added back to the rotation, tough course, but had always been a fun course that stayed in relatively good shape! Used to host a LPGA event! (2)

Out of all the courses, there are none that id be overly disappointed in getting, I mean especially if it was the worst course I got for the week! Just a little snap shot, I mean if I came out with Wachesaw, Crow Creek, Brick Landing and then a nice course as my 4th Id call that a good 4 pack! 1 good, 2 mids and 1 that’s lower end!

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