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The one thing you have to remember is that we are playing in worst part of the year for a lot of these courses. Depending on the heat of the summer the greens might be stressed to the point of losing them. The courses are in the prime season right now, or, should be. June through August is really MB’s off season. Prime season for beach goers as you can tell by the hotel prices. If you would have played Tiger’s Eye in the March Championship you would have given it a 4 or 5. The greens were so fast they were unplayable and the course super didn’t have the brains to put the pins in playable spots. Practice round we had 26 out of 27 guys take pick up double bogeys and one guy lucked into a birdie from off the green. We would have been there all day if you had to hole out. Putts up to the hole from the front that missed were 35′ back to your feet. During the tournament there were quite a few max 9’s taken because you couldn’t stop a ball by the hole. When you putt up to the hole and it stops 2″ beside the cup you shouldn’t expect that it would roll all the way past you and off the green. Whoever runs that course should have been fired!

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