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Rick Kimbrell

You are correct Jeffery…you have to have a plan just in case that happens. Since people who did not have a birdie do not come in (wish they did), I decided a number of years ago to place all the names in a cap and have someone draw out 5 names on the last day. First name get 10%, second name get 15%, third name get 20%, 4th name gets 25% and last name drawn get 30%. Is that a fair way to do it…maybe maybe not. But it still is a plan and everyone in the game has a chance of winning. I have been very fortunate in getting email addresses from the WA Committee for people who left the course on Thursday to whom I owed money. Everyone of those folks have gotten their money.
Even after all these years in the WA…to hear about someone doing something totally unethical towards the skins games just flat amazes me. I would never hold any money back from anyone who won a skin, nor will I skim money off the pot for running it.
And, you are right Charity is not a good option…and not that cute either.

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