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Rick Kimbrell

jt, when I know someone has been screwed over…no I will not leave well enough alone. You can bet on that, especially if the person is my friend and fairly new to the World Am and playing in skins games in the WA. I did not cause the drama, you did. I also am not the one who came back to play in the WA after a 3 year absence and immediately laid claim to running skins in a flight someone had been running for the previous years when you were not even playing.
You asked how many years I have played in this…well, this will be my 31st consecutive year. People who do anything shady related to running skins games has an impact on the rest of us who run skins games. There has been enough trouble with people skipping out with skins money, taking a cut off the top of the skins, and holding out paying out. Many people are afraid to even enter the skins games just because of those things.
Doubt you will see my smiling face in your flight. You aren’t nearly old enough or seasoned enough to play in my flight. But, if you want to find me, I will be at the Convention Center every night. And, who knows, if you find me…I might well be in the presence of my friend who was in your flight last year.
As with everyone, I hope you have safe travels to and from Myrtle Beach.

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