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Dale Craig

Wow, Every year it seems like the same discussions come up. I don’t care how many years someone ran a skins game, I really don’t think that gives anyone ownership of it. If someone volunteers to run it and has a clue, then that is all that matters. No one really knows if they will be honest if they don’t know them personally. To assume that you will be in the same flight or to take ownership of a flight at this point is really premature. If 2 or more people “Volunteer” let them work out who will run it. Better yet, why don’t both share in running it. This will insure integrity and make it easier for the skin game people all around. Speaking from my experience last year, I would have loved a little extra help. Now, just relax guys. I know everyone wants to play and get the WA going, but we have at least a week and a half before we get flight and course assignments. Hopefully by then we can have a new discussion thread started and then flight responsibility can be determined.

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