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david tiano

You are correct in your last post. Kenny and I have been running the skins in flight 5 & 6. (One pot, both flights combined) for the past 3 years. We had no issues playing everyone the same day or the next day. We tell anyone who has a birdie that is not cut to hang around, some choose not to.

The last day we tell everyone if all birdies are cut (never happened) we will pay on all birdies. Last year we paid 4 guys $830 each, similar in two years prior.

We only score the WA score card no exceptions. I also don’t let anyone know what holes were open (no birdies) so someone might feel compelled to change their score card for hundreds of dollars.

Dale you are so right, I would not do this without help. Last year we had two friends help Kenny and I and it was great.

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