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That’s one way to do it, David T. Provided everyone turns in their birdies it works. For those playing, don’t ever assume that your birdie was an easy hole and then not bother to turn it in. I had to pay a guy $1300 one year for that reason. It would have been a carry over pot added to the last day. I had a check list that year and I checked everyone off that was in. I only missed double checking one guy that day and I ended up having to pay the other guy the following morning. Coincidentally it ended up costing him $650 because he was one of two winners on the last day. So it cost the other guy $650 as well. They would have had $1950 a piece instead of $1300. Lesson learned.

Hopefully you guys end up in 3 & 4 with me. I’m usually around a 6 handicap every year. I’ve been in this flight just about every year I’ve played. I still liked it best when it was one big flight of 112 or more and they gave gift cards to the top 10. I was only in flight 1 one year as a 5.3, last guy on the cut line in 2008. 3 & 4 would have been old flight 2. Hopefully Ken D. and friends step up to run it this year. Like I said. I can’t read without readers right now. And some guys you won’t be able to read even with perfect vision. See you guys in about 2 weeks! Looking forward to it!

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