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Rick Kimbrell

You know, I play in 2 traveling tournament leagues in the Greater Houston area and between those 2 we play 35 different golf courses. I have played every course that the WA has added. I also read as many reviews as I can on MB golf courses. Based upon my experience at playing these courses which have been added, I can truly say that each of them would compete with any of the 35 courses I play in these tournament leagues in so far as layout and character is concerned. The problem we have each year for the WA is we have no idea what the greens of any of the courses will have for us. In 31 years of playing in the WA, the absolute worst greens I have ever had to play on was at one of the more premiere courses in MB. Barefoot Norman. We never should have been there. They did not have a dusting of sand on them. They had sand layered on them. Anywhere from 1/8″ to 1/4″. Try putting on that crap. I played the Witch one year and their greens were almost bare…but they were packed down and as bad as they looked, they putted smooth. Try putting on 1/4″ of sand. Glad to see the WA spreading out the courses.

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