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Dale Craig

This will be my 4th trip to the WA and I have always stayed at VRBO condos. I have found them to generally be cheaper than any of the hotels and I like the added convenience of having a washer/dryer, kitchen and quiet/privacy. I have stayed in the Myrtlewood complex and find it to absolutely be the best location as it is centrally located and easy to get to any of the courses whether going north, south or west, and also very close to the convention center for the nightly 19th hole activities. There are plenty of condos in VRBO that are on the beach, I have just never stayed in any of them as I am usually out of the condo by 7:00AM and don’t usually return until 3:00PM or later, so beach time would be short anyway. Now if you are bringing the wife/gf etc, then a beach location might be better for you.
Good luck! You will love playing in the WA and meeting and making new friends.

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