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Bob Newman

I have worked several statewide events for Golf associations in SC, and have yet to see this Local Rule in effect and honestly I hope it stays that way. Two new Local Rues came out the middle of April and I have seen this put to use and I think they are good ones: G-9–Replacement of club that is”broken or significantly damaged” –this local rule allows this but the New Rules do not allow it to be replaced.
E-12–Ball played from outside relief areas when taking Back on the Line. Without this new Local Rule, players could be penalized for playing “outside the dropping Zone” if they do not create a “reference point” when taking Back on the Line relief.
I have just spoke of this in the simplest fashion and you need to read these thoroughly to fully understand them. I can show you in person easier than I can try to explain them. the new Modern Rules are still just as complicated as the old ones in my opinion.
I also like the Local Rule for “opposite But Equal” relief for the Penalty Area.

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