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Bob Newman

Rick, the one thing I’ve noticed is that the players that use it end op dropping and playing 30 yds closer to hole than where their ball actually crossed the OB.
I had an interesting OB situation the other day at a Junior Golf event. I rode up on a hole and saw a ball just past an OB stake(no white line down) and about 2” behind. A parent was signaling to the player it was out. I got closer to the ball and saw that next the next OB was at right angle to that stake and ball appeared to be in bounds. By time player arrived I had pulled a string to confirm ball was inbounds(by half a ball). My first question to player “did you announce you were hitting a provisional”, he answered YES. parent does not have a clue as to what is going on and thinks player has choice of what to do, gets mad at me. Player is in jail, makes triple bogey and guess whose fault it was. Ended up being an educational experience for both parent and player. They both also learned, you can not move a OB stake.

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