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Rick Kimbrell

Again Mike, I said this was in the late 90s. I was not impaired back then either but still got pulled over. My question was “Why are you stopping me?” The answer I got, “You was driving suspiciously, let me see your license and registration”. Asked me where I was coming from, I said MB Convention Center. Immediately I was asked to get out of the car. I did. I guess he found out I was not “impaired” and told me I could go. Again, late 90s. I have never figured out what “driving suspiciously” actually meant other than let’s see if we can nail an out of stater.
I have been playing in the World Am since 1988 and not missed a year. I don’t stay in NMB any more and I don’t have to deal with NMB police, as did many folks back in those years.

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