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Dale Craig

I wish that a 6 month or even 2019 only were used. Speaking only for myself as I stated previously, we north residing golfers who may not get to play all winter I feel are disadvantaged already. The last 2 years at the WA I have finished at nearly the bottom of my flight, I feel a large part of this is that playing southern/Bermuda grass courses is quite a bit different than the northern courses I’ve played my entire life. Getting 5 southern rounds a year once a year and not playing 10-12 months a year is a handicap in itself. It would be great if past WA performance were somehow brought into the equation, but I realize this is probably not going to happen considering the size of the field.

I am seriously considering dropping out of the WA this year if my game doesn’t take a serious and prolonged turn for the better. There is no fun playing when I can’t even think about being competitive. I’ve seen enough in my 3 previous WA’s to know that the same type of handicap manipulation occurs here as everywhere else I’ve ever played. People here are probably just a little more careful because of getting caught.

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