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Bob Newman

this is the 3rd time I have got to the end and completely lost my reply before hitting summit. I hate computers. But in an early try, I thought I had put the statement in that you almost always need to see the lay of land, conditions on that day, to make a decision on what happened. It is ultimately the players decision on what to do. It will not be a roving official that you can call in for help. All one can do at the WA is help with fact as you see them, explain the options, and then let the player decide how to proceed. Then play your own ball. I do take a harder line on the rules based on what I have seen happen in other tournaments that I work. But I will not allow another’s interpretation of what happened to ruin my game. I’m sure that a situation like this will come up with just about every group and hopefully every group will handle it as best they can.
On the Slope, I had an old Bushnell that had the red cover for the slope. I was playing in a Club tournament, 9 hole matches, First day, 1st nine was Alternate Shot I forgot to change to non slope, we finished 3 up, second nine was Best Ball, after finishing second hole, my team was 2 up when I discovered my error—ended up, lost the front nine, was 2 down on back with 7 to play. Have already decided to have a piece of tape on Slope switch(newer version) for this years WA

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